A DIY computer to be assembled by the teachers and the kids in the classroom and used for supporting the curriculum and practical applications. Get in touch for more information. 

Teachers Guide

How to build, configure and use gaming consoles in the classroom for teaching kids programming through the creation of games on Minecraft Pi version. Download the guide.

Training Modules

A curriculum with modules, including unit plans, for using Minecraft Pi with the console in the classroom and also for how to use DIY Kits to build physical gadgets to be used with the games or other electronic gadgets to be used and controlled by the console, independently of the game, such as light and sounds inventions to practice loops and all kinds of electronics. 

Learning Motivational Environment

Delivering the curriculum in a social learning environment using motivational workflows and gamification mechanics with an integrated framework for the recognition of the acquired skills and achievements based on the Open Badges specification. Access the draft environment here.

DIY Electronics Kits

Designed to complement aspects of the curriculum so as to further enhance the hands-on play and learning components of RETROSTEM. Using the Kits, school children will be able to combine inputs and/or outputs to build and program LED lights to blink, create projects, or solve problems.


A dedicated virtual space serving as a single point of entry to all of the project's results, available under its own tab here on the website.


1st Newsletter: EN/EL/RO/PL

2nd Newsletter: EN/EL/RO/PL

3rd Newsletter: EN/EL/RO/PL

4th Newsletter: EN/EL/RO/PL

News Items

Project Launch: EN/EL/RO/PL

Using the console: EN/EL/RO/PL


Pilot test results: EN/EL/RO/PL

More publicly available outcomes of the project will be provided here as the project progresses.